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Dental Packages – Healthy Teeth for Cats and Dogs

At Vet24 we offer affordable dental packages for cats and dogs

Our dental packages will help keep your pet’s teeth strong, clean and healthy. Dental disease is one of the most common health problems affecting pets these days. Just as you look after your own teeth to prevent plaque build-up and gum disease, you also have to take care of your pet’s teeth.

Some pets, particularly small breed dogs, will still require regular veterinary attention to keep the teeth clean just as we rely on our dentists.

A dental procedure requires your pet to stay with us for the day. Our professional dental suite allows us to perform advanced dental surgery like extractions, when required. Your pet will be in good hands when visiting the dentist at Vet24, our vets are trained in the kindest dental techniques. 

Take a look at the great inclusions in our dental packages! 


  • A Free Dental Exam
  • Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Testing
  • General Anaesthesia
  • Full Dental Scale and Polish
  • Take Home Dental Goody Bag

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