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Jump Start Packages – Everything your new family member needs in their first year of life! 

Proper health care for your young pet is extremely important.

Especially while new born kittens and puppies are in their very first stages of development and still strengthening their immune systems.

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At Vet24, we understand that vaccinations, sterilisation, parasite protection and even food choices can be quite daunting. We are here to help young pet owners, especially in the first few months.

To help you with this, and give your new kitten or puppy the best jump start on a long and healthy life, we’ve created simple, affordable health care packages that cater to young pet’s needs. There are two levels available, standard and platinum. The packages include de-sexing for kittens and puppies (we recommend between 6-12 months old).


Why Choose a Package?

  • Packages Packed with Benefits
    Our Jump Start Packages have been specifically designed to cover your puppy or kitten for their first 12 months.  They include all the essentials for new pet owners, along with our guidance and support.

    With one affordable and easy package, in the care of qualified and experienced veterinarians, your pet will receive….

    Vaccinations, De-sexing (sterilisation), Parasite treatments. You’ll also receive assistance with pet nutrition and great member discounts on products and services.

    All our packages include nail clips, introducing these early in life make maintaining the nails easier in adulthood.

  • Nutrition Advice
    Depending on the pet’s age and breed – his or her nutritional needs will be specific. Our qualified nutrition nurses will provide consultations where required, nutrition plans and guidance. 

    Bundling all the young pet essentials into one package will save you both time and money, therefore providing you with peace of mind and the reassurance of premium veterinary care. Take a look through our package inclusions for young cats and dogs below.

  • Pet De-Sexing Recommendations
    At Vet24 our healthcare team recommend de-sexing your pet at the appropriate age.

    De-sexing has many health and behavioural benefits for your puppy and is a legal requirement for your kitten.

For more information on the legal requirements of cat ownership in Western Australia – click here.

Jump Start Platinum Puppy 

  • C6 Vaccination 
  • Desexing at 6 Months old
  • Free Nutrition Advice
  • 12 Months Intestinal Worm and Parasite Control
  • 12 Months Heartworm Protection
  • 50% Discount on Unlimited Consultations for 12 Months
  • 10% Discount on Services/Products/Medications for 12 Months
  • Free Baths x 4
  • Jump Start Platinum Feline

  • Primary Vaccination
  • Secondary Vaccination
  • De-sexing at 6 Months old
  • 12 Months Intestinal Worm and Parasite Control
  • 12 Months Heartworm Protection
  • 50% Discount on Consultations for 12 Months
  • 10% Discount on Services and Medications for 12 Months
  • 10% Discount on Pet Care Products
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