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How to position and take TPLO Radiographs

Two views are required for measurements of a TPLO surgery

Positioning of the patient

1st View

Lateral Radiograph

The patient should be lying in lateral recumbancy with the leg of interest closest to the table/plate.

Place a foam pad under the pelvis to elevate it.This will result in a better lateral position of the distal femur. The lateral and medial femoral condyles should be superimposed. Collimate to include stifle and hock.

2nd View

Craniocaudal Radiograph

Patient needs to be lying in sternal recumbency with the leg of interest extending caudally.

Elevate the opposite leg with foam and/or sandbags to remove from view. The pelvis should be slightly rolled towards the affected limb. Make sure that the leg of interest is not rotated.                                        

Ensure that L/R markers are included on all radiographs.


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