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Our Director of Emergency and Critical Care



Qualifications and Experience

Our ECC specialist earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State University. After an internship in Boston, Massachusetts she completed her residency in Comparative Anesthesiology+Critical Care at the University of Minnesota. Consequently, developing a passion for emergency and critical care. 

She went on to develop the Intensive Care Unit at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston. Where in addition to being the Director of ICU – she was also their anaesthetist.  Her skills in anaesthesia made her the perfect choice for the Boston Zoo. As a result, she assisted with surgery on gorillas, polar bears and other large species of zoo animals.


Building Emergency Centres 

With extensive experience and understanding of emergency and critical care she benefited several Veterinary hospitals. In the past, she set-up and coordinated the Murdoch Pet Emergency Centre and integrated it with the rest of Murdoch’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Before returning to the USA where she was the Critical Care Director of Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital in Portland, Oregon. While at Dove Lewis she helped oversee the building of a new hospital and the reorganization of the Emergency and Critical Care services they provide.

After returning to Australia and settling in Perth, she joined the team at Vet24, Balcatta to develop their ICU. She remains at Vet24 as the Criticality and Hospital Director.


Continued Education and Teaching

As a strong advocate for continued education, her continuing contributions to the clinical teaching of interns, residents, technicians and nurses have been of very high standard. In addition, she was the clinical director of nursing at Angell and Dove Lewis (DL) and the Co-director of the intern and residency training program at DL. She has been a mentor for technicians at DL. While there, assisting students in studying for their specialty certification in emergency and critical care.

She set-up the first community veterinary Blood Bank for Angell Memorial Animal Hospital. She was also the Veterinary adviser for the Blood Bank at Angell and DL.

She is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care and a Registered Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care. Her clinical interests include anaesthesia and pain management, sepsis, transfusion medicine, trauma and nutrition.  She is widely published and has spoken nationally and internationally to veterinarians, nurses, veterinary students, and the public.


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