Book Your Pet’s Surgery at Vet24 – Vet24
For emergencies call 6318 5300

Welcome to Vet24’s new online surgery booking page. From this page you are able to book your dog or cat for a routine surgery such as desexing (castrate or spey) or for a routine dental procedure. You will be required to complete a simple online form in order to make your booking, if your preferred day or admission time is unavailable our reception team may be in touch via telephone, to arrange a suitable day.

All non routine procedures are still required to phone for a suitable surgery booking. Please phone us directly on our 24/7 phone number (08) 63185300 to book.

Please ensure you select the correct booking form and complete with care, click Submit at the end. All surgical bookings will receive a preadmission information brochure via email, prior to your surgery date. We look forward to seeing you and your pet in the clinic, in the near future.




Make an appointment and we’ll contact you.