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Pet Care is Complicated – Vet24 Pet Care Packages make it simple. 

At Vet24 our pet care packages have been tailored specifically to what you really need. The packages are split into the three categories you can see below. Take a look at the packages most relevant to your pet – our team have already added up the savings, so you don’t have to! 

Q: But I have pet insurance, why do I need a pet care package too?

A: If you are making multiple claims for small invoices, you may increase your pet insurance premiums considerably. Does your pet insurance cover the basics? Like prescription diets and preventative medicine, nail clips and baths? Our team still recommend pet insurance to all pet parents. However, the Vet24 pet care packages are designed to work in harmony with your insurance, to guarantee the best care and a long healthy life for your pet. 

Follow the links below to learn more about our pet care packages. 

Vet Essentials Packages – For adult cats and dogs

Jump Start Packages – For puppies and kittens

Dental Packages – For all cats and dogs




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