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Each member of the team at Vet24 is trained to respond quickly and calmly when your pet arrives for emergency care 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We will take care of every detail from the moment you arrive, during this stressful time. 

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At Vet24 our caring healthcare team are available for routine consultations, 7am to 11pm. We take great pride in the advice and education we provide to our clients and the treatment we provide to their pets.

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Your pet is in safe, experienced hands when visiting the surgical team at Vet24. De-sexing, emergency or specialist orthopedics– we cater for all needs and monitor your pet from arrival to recovery. 

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Dental health is an important part of your pet’s total well-being. Our veterinarians are all trained in the kindest dental procedures, so that visiting the dentist at Vet24 is a stress free experience for you and your pet.

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  • 'My dog has Autoimmune Disease, as well as issues with her blood platelet levels, so I generally spend a lot of time at Vet24. The staff, and the expertise that I experience every time keeps me going back. I recommend Vet24 to everyone I speak to.'


    Vet24 Client

  • 'Excellent service, staff were professional and friendly, will definitely recommend to my friends. If we are in Perth we will definitely be going back there or make the trip back to take Rory there. Outstanding service.'


    Vet24 Client

  • 'Absolutely THE friendliest receptionist and veterinary staff ever! Really helpful and lovely people!'


    Vet24 Client

  • 'Really appreciated the phone calls letting me know when the dogs had finished there surgerys and the follow up calls. Also great that I was a bit worried about the wounds and I was able to bring them in for inspection free of charge.'


    Vet24 Client

  • 'I have been taking my Jack Russell to Vet 24 and find them very professional, caring, supportive and above all, loving towards my human dog. Thank you.'


    Vet24 Client

  • 'Lovely staff-love that I can call during the night if I'm concerned about anything (my dog was recently suffering bad mastitis) and they're always happy to help and not just pushing to come in and pay for an unnecessary appointment if there's no need. I feel like they care-this is what gets my loyalty for all other necessary visits.'


    Vet24 Client

  • 'Overall we had a really good service at the clinic. The girl at reception greeted us and made sure we knew it was not much longer to wait and we will be looked after. She was really lovely. Our doctor was great too. She was very attentive and to the point. All of our questions were answered and we were taken through the treatment process. Overall it was a good visit and our cat is on the full mend. He actually became more affectionate after he realized we were helping him to get better.'


    Vet24 Client

  • 'Benson and I are regular visitors to the vet. Everything is always perfect. All the girls treat him like their own.'


    Vet24 Client


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