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Pet Euthanasia is a difficult and emotional decision for pet owners. At Vet24, our staff are trained in assisting clients during the euthanasia process. We aim to provide an environment for you, your family and your pet which offers privacy, respect and understanding.



Vet24 Euthanasia Process

When you arrive at Vet24 with your pet, our client service representative staff will greet you and take you into a private room as quickly as possible. Your pet will be checked-in and the vet notified of your arrival. The client services representative will take a moment to talk you through the process, any choices you need to make and a very small amount of paperwork. This communication helps us understand and respect your wishes.

Your pet will need a small IV catheter placed into it’s vein, this is for the vet to administer the euthanasia medication easily and without further needles. The vet will take your pet to our hospital treatment area and a nurse will assist them and keep your pet comforted. During this time one of our client service representatives will ask you to complete payment of the invoice – we like to have this out of way so you can focus on your pet.

At this stage your pet will be brought back to your room (unless you have chosen to leave at the completion of paperwork). This is your time to say farewell, we will give you the time and space you need to do so. If you have chosen to be present during the euthanasia the vet will join you and complete the process. If you have chosen to be absent the vet will take your pet back to the hospital area for euthanasia. 

Pet Burial and Cremation

These are the choices you will be given for pet burial and cremation. If you are overwhelmed by grief, unable to make a decision or need to discuss this decision with family members we are able to hold your pet at Vet24. Our staff will follow up with you in 24 hours, to check what you have decided. 

Private Cremation

Lawnswood are our recommended private cremation company. Vet24 charge a very small fee to prepare and store your pet for private cremation, we also organise your booking with Lawnswood. Payment for private cremation is made directly to the cremation company. Lawnswood will contact you directly using the details we provide them for your booking.

For more information on Lawnswood please click here – their website covers urns, mementos, cemetery options and prices. 

General Cremation

Cremation by Lawnswood. No ashes will be returned to you from this option. There is a charge for general cremation.

Home Burial

Our staff will wrap your pet’s body in a clean dignified way, for you to bury at home. No extra charge to you. 

Time to head home….

If you need more time to collect yourself before driving home, please don’t rush out our door. Please tell a staff member if you are unable to drive or need them to phone a family member to accompany you home. Our staff are very understanding and want you to get home safely. 

To bring a pet to Vet24 for Euthanasia you do not require a consultation – unless you choose to have one. You can come in with or without an appointment. If you choose to make an appointment please do so by clicking here. 

Dealing With Grief

If you, or someone in your family, is having difficulty dealing with the loss of a pet, seeking counselling may be beneficial. 

For contact details of recommended grief councilors please click here – [su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#ffffff” color=”#000″ size=”20″ icon=”icon: child” icon_color=”#04888b” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″][/su_button] 

Or you can contact the following organisations- 

Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636

Lifeline 13 11 14




Make an appointment and we’ll contact you.