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Vet Essentials 

At Vet24 our Vet Essentials Packages make your cat or dog’s annual care simple and affordable

Pet care can really add up – vet’s bills, de-worming, vaccinations, flea treatment, heartworm……where does it end? Our Vet Essentials packages are not only guaranteed to save you money but they will also simplify your pet’s annual care, help prevent illness through preventative medicine and take the stress out of unexpected vet bills.  

  • One Annual Fee
    One small annual fee locks in discounts for an entire year. You will never hesitate to contact us, when you know your Vet Essentials discount applies to every visit.

    No other vet in Perth offers 50% off every consultation, regardless of your pet’s medical history.

  • Beneficial Preventative Health Care
    Receiving your pet’s annual parasite protection from our professional team, means your pet will never miss a dose.

    Access to science based veterinary diets, with an added 10% discount off every product, will keep your pet in top condition!

  • What Other Members Are Saying
    “Vet Essentials is so convenient, we love the peace of mind we get from knowing Vet24 is always open and we never hesitate to bring the cats in. We are always so satisfied with the care here.” (Kimba & Honey – Members 8 years)

    “With an ongoing skin care problem, my dog was really suffering. The medication and care from other vets was too expensive. Now I have joined Vet24 Vet Essentials, Julia can get her regular consults and medication and I can afford it” (Julia – Member 1 year)

Q: But I have pet insurance, why do I need a Vet Essentials package too?

A: Quite simply – making multiple claims for small invoices may increase your pet insurance premiums considerably. Does your insurance cover the basics? Like prescription diets and preventative medicine, nail clips and baths? We still recommend pet insurance to all pet parents. Our pet care packages are designed to work in harmony with your insurance, to guarantee the best care and a long healthy life for your pet. 

  • Annual Vaccination
  • NEW*Annual ProHeart Injection*NEW 
  • 12 Months Parasite and Worm Prevention
  • Nutrition Consultation 
  • 4 Free Baths
  • 50% Off All Consultations for 12 months
  • 10% Off Medications/Products/Services for 12 months

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