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Veterinary Referral Services

The Vet24 referral service allows other Perth veterinary hospitals to refer their own patients to us when emergency treatment or specialist care is required. Vet24 accepts referrals at any time of day or night, 365 days a year. Alternatively, vets can refer their patients to us for affordable overnight treatment and monitoring only. In addition the patient will return to it’s regular clinic in the morning. 

Vet24 is the only private 24-hour full-service veterinary hospital in Perth. Vet24 provides an emergency referral service to a large number of veterinary clinics from all over the metro and country areas.

  • Online Referral Portal for Perth Vets
    Vet24 provide the Western Australian veterinary community with an easy-to-use, online referral portal.

    Use our online referral portal to quickly refer patients to Vet24, for specialist or emergency care. As a result of fast referral, pets get access to the best care 24/7.

  • Follow the Patient's Treatment Online
    Vets can login and track patient progress online any time. It’s easy to follow a patient’s progress and communicate with the client.

    Vet24 is the first point of contact for emergency vet care from our Perth colleagues. Consequently, all patients will be in the best hands with our qualified emergency vet team.  Vet24 ensure veterinarians and owners, have somewhere to turn to in times of emergency.

  • Modern Animal Hospital with Advanced Technology
    The modern Vet24 animal hospital is fully equipped for life-threatening emergencies and specialist care. Also the Vet24 premises are complete with recently renovated critical care unit, radiology and ultrasound wing. Along with extended treatment rooms and a large numbers of cages, two new surgery suites and visiting rooms.

    Vet24 offers the highest level of intensive care and monitoring.

What happens the morning after hospitalization?

A veterinarian will perform a morning exam on the patient. Our nursing staff will discharge the patient by 9am. On the morning of discharge the patient can either go back to your clinic or be sent home (according to the referring vets instructions). If the patient is returning to your clinic, the client is responsible for collection and transport. 

When a patient becomes unstable overnight?

Prior to admission, the consulting vet will examine the patient. This is to assess the stability of the patient prior to hospitalization. Consequently only stable patients will be admitted to hospital under the overnight care package. This prevents clients incurring unexpected costs. However there are unusual cases when a patient may become unexpectedly unstable during the night. If this occurs, our overnight veterinarians will call the client to discuss the deterioration and any further treatment and costs that we recommend. Except for resuscitation, we will not perform treatments without the client’s consent.

Mobile Surgeon 

As an additional service to out colleagues, our specialist surgeon – Dr. Ramesh Sivacolundhu BVMS MVS FANZCVS (Dr. “Ram” Siva) is now available for mobile surgeries. This will be an advantageous opportunity for your practice, to offer specialist surgery and have the patient return to your clinic for post-surgical care/follow ups.

Ram has over 20 years of experience in referral surgery, including running an orthopaedic service at the Animal Medical Centre in New York (one of the largest veterinary hospitals in the world). Furthermore, he is the only specialist surgeon in Western Australia to have completed a Fellowship in Surgical Oncology (Colorado State University 2009) and is the Director of our comprehensive Surgery and Oncology Service.  In addition to his many professional accomplishments, Ram is a kind and personable character with a passion for patient care and the highest professional standards. Ram has also performed hundreds of plateau-leveling procedures (TWO, TTO, TPLO) on dogs. His preferred method is the TPLO and he is happy to talk to you about the differences between these techniques, success rates and complications. Learn more……

Western Australian Veterinary Community

The staff at Vet24 believe in developing a sense of community among veterinary colleagues. It’s important to us to provide referring vets with a thorough and quality service. Let us know if we can be of assistance to your clinic. 

Our specialists are available to discuss your difficult cases and give advice where necessary.

Find out more about our referral service by contacting the team at Vet24 Balcatta.

Vets login to the referring vet portal here.


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