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Vet24 Veterinary Referral Services

The Vet24 referral service allows other Perth veterinary hospitals to refer their own patients to us when emergency treatment or specialist care is required. Vet24 accepts referrals at any time of day or night, 365 days a year. Alternatively, vets can refer their patients to us for affordable overnight treatment and monitoring only. In addition the patient will return to it’s regular clinic in the morning. 

Vet24 is the only private 24-hour full-service veterinary hospital in Perth. Vet24 provides an emergency referral service to a large number of veterinary clinics from all over the metro and country areas.

  • Online Referral Portal for Perth Vets
    Vet24 provide the Western Australian veterinary community with an easy-to-use, online referral portal.

    Use our online referral portal to quickly refer patients to Vet24, for specialist or emergency care. As a result of fast referral, pets get access to the best care 24/7.

  • Follow the Patient's Treatment Online
    Vets can login and track patient progress online any time. It’s easy to follow a patient’s progress and communicate with the client.

    Vet24 is the first point of contact for emergency vet care from our Perth colleagues. Consequently, all patients will be in the best hands with our qualified emergency vet team.  Vet24 ensure veterinarians and owners, have somewhere to turn to in times of emergency.

  • Modern Animal Hospital with Advanced Technology
    The modern Vet24 animal hospital is fully equipped for life-threatening emergencies and specialist care. Also the Vet24 premises are complete with recently renovated critical care unit, radiology and ultrasound wing. Along with extended treatment rooms and a large numbers of cages, two new surgery suites and visiting rooms.

    Vet24 offers the highest level of intensive care and monitoring.




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