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Make a career choice for the better and realise your full potential at Vet24. Many positions in our industry promise further learning but lack the education leaders, mentors, and proven career pathways required to help you reach your professional goals. At Vet24 we know you need structure, support and a likeminded team to succeed. Surround yourself with excellence at Vet24.

“As a newly qualified veterinary nurse, I was excited to enter the industry but nervous to apply my technical skills. At Vet24 I’ve been supported and encouraged. It’s been three years and I have now completed my Diploma in Emergency and Critical Care. This professional achievement has been rewarded by my employers at Vet24.”

Samantha | Diploma of ECC

Learning and Career Development – Available Pathways to Excellence

Certificate IV Qualified Veterinary Nurses

After as little as six months employment at Vet24, your continued education opportunities can begin. We train nurses to be leaders, practice managers, nutrition consultants, emergency and critical care diploma nurses and advanced surgical nurses. Vet24 will support your dream and work with you to make it a reality.

Balancing Life, Work and Education

Vet24 is unique and it is this uniqueness which allows us to give you flexibility and choice as an employee. We understand that work needs to fit around life and when you throw some further study into the equation it can all suddenly feel a bit overwhelming! Because you will be working alongside other long term staff who have ‘been there, done that’ you will receive the support you need from your peers. We want you to succeed and will give you the tools you need to do so.

The Values and Culture of Vet24

So why Vet24? Because we value Integrity, Compassion and of course – Excellence. Our staff are committed to our hospital in their joint pursuit of excellence and are motivated by being part of a high functioning team and making a difference. Our large private 24-hour hospital is growing and provides opportunity for hands on learning – to experience a true variety in shift types, cases seen and diverse clientele.

Are you ready for a change? Ready for success? Send your CV and cover letter to Vet24.

Currently Studying or Seeking Entry Level Employment

For those seeking to enter the industry with little to no experience or currently enrolled in animal studies, veterinary nursing or veterinary science, Vet24 has opportunities to gain valuable experience in a busy 24 hour hospital. Our Kennel attendant and Client Services Representatives roles could be the first step toward a leap into veterinary care. Within these roles you will learn how a 24 hour veterinary hospital runs, what each team member is responsible for and armed with this knowledge be better equipped to choose the right career path for you!

Nursing Traineeships

The very special career path from Client Services Representative, to Kennel Attendant, to Registered Veterinary Nurse can all start with a simple application, please phone Vet24 reception for the recruitment contact. We love discovering our future superstar nurses at the reception desk and develop long term employee – employer relationships from this special bond. Vet24’s nursing traineeships are proven to ease the difficulty of balancing work and checking off your practical requirements whilst studying. It’s all under one roof at Vet24.


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