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Our History 

Balcatta Veterinary Hospital first opened its doors to the pet owners of Perth in April 1974. We soon established ourselves as a provider of quality veterinary care and grew rapidly in popularity as a result. Furthermore, by the late 1980’s Balcatta Vet had become so busy that we opened 24 hours a day. This enabled us to provide the best possible care to our critical patients, round the clock.

In the early 1990’s, we established our referral service. This service allowed other Perth veterinary hospitals to refer to us their own patients who required emergency treatment at any time of the night. To this day, Balcatta Veterinary Hospital still remains the only private 24 hour full-service veterinary hospital in Perth. We currently accept emergency referrals from a large number of veterinary clinics from all over the metropolitan and country areas.

Modern Veterinary & Emergency Facility

In recent times, Balcatta Vet has been busy with extensive renovations to expand our hospital. As a result, enabling us to cater for our increased critical care and emergency case load, as well as our normal general practice clients. Then with much excitement, in early 2009 we opened our first stage of renovations. These included a spacious new modern reception with several waiting areas and four consulting rooms. These sleek new renovations were welcomed warmly by clients, patients and staff alike. No doubt our patients have also enjoyed the upgrades! 

Furthermore, we have now completed stage two of the renovations, which includes a state-of-the-art hospital with a new critical care unit and new diagnostic wing. 

Our Staff’s Passion for Animal Health

From its early beginnings as a small three-vet practice, Balcatta Veterinary Hospital has grown to become one of the largest and best equipped veterinary hospitals in Western Australia. As a result we now employ 66 staff members including 27 veterinarians and 21 registered veterinary nurses.

The team at Vet24 Balcatta take pride in constantly improving our facilities, equipment and most importantly the skill and knowledge of all staff members. The outcome of this commitment, is an outstanding veterinary hospital with an impressive record of quality veterinary care and compassionate service

Advanced Care for Your Pet

Make an appointment to meet one of our veterinary specialists by calling on 08 6318 5300 or contact us online. 

Because we are staffed 24/7 no appointments are necessary in case of a life threatening pet emergency. 



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