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Vet24 Joint Health Care Program

August 22, 2017 - by Gemma Davis - in Uncategorised

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Vet24 are excited to introduce a 4 week program designed for your pet’s long term joint health… 

The joint health program at Vet24 has been designed to help pets, educate owners and provide ongoing joint disease management. This program is not only for geriatric pets. It will suit pets with previous injuries, a very active lifestyle, joint disease in early or advanced stages or even as a preventative health program.

The first step…..

If you are interested in the joint health program the first step is to have a consultation with one of our veterinarians. The veterinarian will discuss the package with you and assess your pet’s suitability. Next you will meet with a consulting nurse. The nurse will administer the first dose of medication and explain to you how it works. The nurse will also weigh, measure and take photos of your pet and use this information to prepare a personalised plan for your next visit.


[su_highlight background=”#0dff13″ color=”#0c100d”]All pets enrolled in the Vet24 Joint Health Program receive 10% of over the counter joint supplements and mobility foods at their package visits![/su_highlight]



Weeks 2 & 3…

At your next two visits the consulting nurse will administer your pet’s medication. Also, the nurse will take time to discuss nutrition and exercise with you. Explaining to you how to treat your dog’s joints with a multi-modal plan for best results.


Week 4…

Final dose of medication. The consulting nurse will discuss other small changes you can make at home to further help your pet’s joint health. Your pet’s progress will be discussed and you will go home with a plan for further treatment, complimentary therapy or products and a healthier pet! Our comprehensive 4 week program is purchased at the initial veterinarian consultation. The program is just $210 in total OR for current Vet Essentials members $189.


To enrol your pet in the Vet24 Joint Health Program please contact the clinic via telephone or our contact page. Alternatively head to our bookings page and book your pet an arthritis check with a veterinarian. 

For more information about degenerative joint diseases in dogs head to..


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