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Samantha and Bianca take on America

May 19, 2017 - by Gemma Davis - in Uncategorised

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Two of Vet24’s nurses – Samantha (our Nursing Coordinator) and Bianca (Veterinary Nurse) are currently studying to become Nutritional Consultation Nurses. This training course is provided by Hill’s Pet Nutrition and takes 2 years to complete, it has a major focus on how nutrition can assist with managing disease in dogs and cats.

At Vet24 we know nutrition plays a vital role in our pets leading long and healthy lives. We support and advocate the Hill’s mission statement – to help enrich and lengthen the special relationship between people and their pets. We want to help make nutrition a cornerstone of veterinary medicine. We are doing this in partnership with Hill’s pet nutrition. 

We are all so proud of Samantha and Bianca for making a commitment to this further study, they are each taking it in their stride as expected. Both young ladies had the exciting opportunity to visit the Hill’s Pet Nutrition Centre in Topeka, Kansas USA and so in the interest of education – they followed the yellow brick road….

Samantha wanted to share some interesting facts from their visit to the Hill’s Pet Nutrition Centre (HPNC):

  • The center cares for approximately 450 dogs and 450 cats whose sole responsibility is to eat pet food.
  • The HPNC aids in analyzing ingredients to make sure they meet the high-quality standards of Hills, determine how much pressure is needed to crush a kibble and ensure kibble density and consistency is appropriate for each life stage and analyze the smell, taste and feel of the foods to ensure the pets love it.
  • The dogs and cats are looked after by the Veterinary staff on the 180-acre property. They all participate in multiple enrichment activities each day.
  • There is a fully equipped veterinary hospital on site to care for the animals when required (for example, every pet over a specific age is given a routine dental procedure every year!).
  • Medical conditions are treated appropriately and patients are transitioned onto appropriate diets for their illness. For example: kidney disease, get fed k/d, which they are then monitored appropriately for i.e. yearly blood work.

**We also visited the Hill’s Emporia Plant, where the dry food is manufactured. The plant is also in Kansas.

  • The plant is 100% recyclable – this is amazing!

hill's pet nutrition hill's pet nutrition

Samantha on the left and Bianca right.

Thanks Sam!


You can take a tour of the Hill’s Emporia Plant here –

At Vet24 we can currently offer FREE nutrition consults for kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, weight management, joint disease, oral health and urinary problems. After the consultation either Samantha or Bianca will create a personalized nutrition plan for your pet, they are focusing on healthy weight and dental care for the next few months. If you would like to book your pet in or get some more information, contact us on – 

(08) 9345 4644


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