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Near Drowning Emergency

May 19, 2017 - by Gemma Davis - in Uncategorised

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Bentley is a gorgeous 10 week old french bulldog puppy and last weekend he fell into the family swimming pool.
Drowning is a real danger for children and pets in WA where around 18% of dwellings have a swimming pool in the backyard.

Bentley was extremely lucky, a family member heard the splash when he dropped into the pool and got to him quickly. She rescued him and although coughing up water (from salt water pool) he was still conscious. She did the right thing and rushed him straight to us.

Radiography showed fluid in Bentley’s lungs, his blood oxygenation was reduced and he had the potential to deteriorate quickly. Complications for a very young puppy from water inhalation and salt toxicity could take Bentley’s life. He was quickly admitted to our ICU for around the clock care, this included Oxygen therapy in our ‘Snyder Oxygen Cage’ (see pictures). The oxygen cage controls temperature, O2 and humidity – he looks pretty happy inside!

 oxygen cage      oxygen cage

Further intensive care had Bentley on the mend in no time

 oxygen cage      oxygen cage

Bentley was discharged to very happy owners yesterday, we were so pleased to send him home fully recovered (although we will miss his cuddles). We want to share this story with you all as a reminder – teach your dog to swim and exit the pool safely. Vet24 will be following this up with a blog on safe swimming lessons for your puppy very soon – read this blog by clicking here. 


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