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Our registered veterinary nurses are available for nurse consults, pet care queries and patient care..

All our Veterinary Nurses are registered with The Veterinary Surgeon’s Board and assist the veterinarians during consultations, examinations and treatments. These qualified nurses are also responsible for patient admissions and discharges. Also they care for animals in the hospital, preparing patients for surgery and assisting with post operative care. If you have questions about your pet’s medicine, food and nutrition, parasite control or behaviour our nurses can help you. 

In emergency situations the nurses at Vet24 are available to assist and triage patients in the waiting area. The triage service ensures high risk patients get prioritized or immediate treatment where necessary.

Nurse Nutrition Consultations

Vet24 is passionate about pet nutrition and home to one of Australia’s only accredited Hill’s Nutritional Nurse Consultants. There are only two of these consultant nurses in Australia.  

As pet owners – what we feed our pets is something we have control over. Finding out what the healthy weight range for your pet is can be helpful in choosing what to feed and how much. Benefits for your pet when on our nutrition program are as follows…
*Increased quality and length of life

*Increased mobility

*Achieving a healthy weight range

*Guided progress – avoid the serious health risks of starvation or rapid weight loss or gain

*Real meals for your pet, so he or she wont feel hungry during the process.

At least 70% of cats and dogs we see in the clinic at Vet24 are overweight. 

With the help of Hills Science Diet, we have recently introduced a nutritional program for our regular clients, to assist with the healthy body condition of their dogs and cats. The results have been spectacular and we look forward to sharing them with you. The outcome of good nutrition for your pet’s is longer and healthier lives!

Call or visit the clinic in Balcatta for more information or to book your pet in for a free nutrition consultation and weight check. 


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