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Keep Anxiety at bay this Australia Day

January 24, 2018 - by Gemma Davis - in Uncategorised

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While Australia day is usually full of celebration and excitement, some members of our family can become extremely stressed and scared. Our cats and dogs can be seriously affected during this time, and here at Vet24 we see many animals suffering. If you have an anxious family member there are a few different ways you can reduce their stress.



Keep them indoors.

Keep your scared little friend inside, in a comfortable place familiar to them. Ensure they have their favourite blanket, toys, treats, and smells to make them feel at ease. Keeping them indoors, helps keep them safe and hopefully prevent them from fleeing if they feel scared. Entertain them with games and treat balls to keep them stimulated. Use pheromone support systems, like an Adaptil collar, or diffuser to help calm and sooth. With cats, use Feliway sprays or catnip.

Play music.

Yes, that’s right! Play some even toned and predictable music with a consistent tempo. Avoid music with highs and lows, as these may startle an anxious dog. White noise is also an effective tool to drown out any scary noises when used in conjunction.

Use a ThunderShirt.

A ThunderShirt is a great tool to help elevate stress. It works similar to an infant being swaddled, gentle constant pressure. The ThunderShirt is said to be helpful in 80% of cases, and offer a money-back guarantee. ThunderShirt is available here at reception.


Medications can and should always be considered if anxiety is an issue. There are several options and combinations of medications that can be useful with anxious dogs and cats, discuss this with your Veterinarian. Be sure to trial new medication prior to a stressful event.

Most importantly stress and anxiety is something we can try to reduce, if not illuminate – we can work together to help make your pet happy and stress free even on the scariest of times.


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