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The Vet24 Cat Boarding facilities are every bit a home away from home for your special cat. Every cat has a private cat ‘condo’ and for the extra special feline, deluxe condos are available. 

Cats can stay for 1-14 days and have a regular routine, managed by qualified staff. Feeding, cleaning and play time are all scheduled several times a day – with checks continuing into the late evening. Vet24 is staffed 24 hours a day, so you can board your cat with peace of mind. 

Strict hygiene and disease control protocols are enforced to protect our boarding cats. In line with this only fully vaccinated cats are permitted in the boarding area. 

If your cat has special diet or medication requirements, he or she may still board. However, depending on your cat’s special needs – extra charges may apply. Standard cat boarding starts at only $28 a day. 

Book your cat in for boarding by phoning the clinic on (08) 9345 4644.

Ask our friendly customer service staff for a tour of the cat boarding facilities next time you visit. 




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