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Bella’s Weight Loss Journey

December 21, 2016 - by Gemma Davis - in Uncategorised

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Some of you may have already seen a few posts about our canine and feline nutrition programs on the Vet24 Facebook Page – we promised success stories and here is the first of many we have to share.

Introducing Bella, she is an 8 year old Shar Pei Mix breed. When we first enrolled Bella in our nutrition program, around 12 months ago, she weighed in at 50.2kg. She had a body fat index of 55-65% (a healthy body fat index is 11-25%).

A year on and Bella has remarkably lost 11kg – putting her just under the 40kg mark. She is nearing her goal weight of around 30kg. We are so proud of her owners for sticking to the plan and helping Bella shed the pounds. It hasn’t been easy with Bella limited exercise wise, due to severe arthritis.

Benefits of Good Nutrition 

As pet owners – what we feed our pets is something we have control over. Finding out what the healthy weight range for your pet is can be helpful in choosing what to feed and how much. Benefits for your pet when on our nutrition program are as follows…

*Increased quality and length of life

*Increased mobility

*Achieving a healthy weight range

*Guided progress – avoid the serious health risks of starvation or rapid weight loss or gain

*Real meals for your pet, so he or she wont feel hungry during the process.

At least 70% of cats and dogs we see in the clinic at Vet24 are overweight. For more information please contact us or phone  Vet24 on (08) 9345 4644. Also you can stop by the clinic for a chat with one of our customer service representatives.

Bella achieved her weight loss goals with Hills Science Diet – Metabolic. 


Pictured Below – Bella in November 2015 at over 50kg


 healthy weight    healthy weight


And now for the after pictures, Bella in November 2016 at under 40kg – Check out that waist line! Bella is a star patient.


healthy weight   healthy weight 



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