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Pets Living Long Quality Lives

June 26, 2018 - by Gemma Davis - in Uncategorised

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With modern advances in veterinary care, pet’s are living longer lives. How do we ensure those lives are quality? Right into the golden years… Just like humans, as pets live longer lives they are more likely to develop age related illness. The risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, heart disease and other serious conditions all increase

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Design Flaws – Love is Blind

May 03, 2018 - by Gemma Davis - in Uncategorised

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A blog on the modern dog – by Dr Rowena. Until recently animals survived only when they were adapted to their environment. Where there was snow and ice, a species survived if it adapted to the cold.  Think furry coats, small ears and thick layers of subcutaneous fat.  The same species might also flourish in

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